MISSION STATEMENT !

I have always wanted to build my website about my passion in cooking. And also wanted to share my knowledge with others who are seeking information and guidance in the field of gastronomy.

And I am proud that I have completed my very own website where i will have everything I have known so far about cooking and the kitchen. No one is born to be a cook or a great cook. Cooking is all about learning and passion in doing it.

When i left my motherland, i had no idea that one day i would be a cook. It all began from the early summer of 2000 in Cyprus. when I was looking for a job placement. Then i used to be a student of Hospitality Management. That is the only faculty which has working permit as a student. I was told by the educational consultancy back in my motherland before i flew for Cyprus. So, without knowing what was Hospitality Management, i had flown to that Island for study purpose.

Only to realise that life abroad as a student is not easy. There was no one to depend upon or take any kind of help which i was used to while i was back in my country Nepal. So, i was on my own. Which led me to start hunting for a job opportunity. I was lucky among thousands who were in the same situation. I got an entry level job in a very well known restaurant where i was hired as a trainee and  i was taught all the recipes of that restaurant. From that point my passion for cooking grew along with my career steps in the field of Gastronomy.

I do not stick to rules when cooking. I rely on my imagination.  Akshay Kumar

Cooking is an art and even sport in some western countries. In advanced countries, this profession is highly respected and has a huge demand as well in comparison to under developed countries. And no doubt that Hospitality Industry is world’s leading field when we talk about job opportunity. And the demand of qualified people in this field keeps on growing each and every year.

So, in this website of mine, i have tried to cover almost everything about the basic knowledge that one should have before or after taking up a job responsibility.

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by Mani Raj Thebe