All About Kitchen

Kitchen, is the main body in the restaurant business. The success of a restaurant highly depends on how well the kitchen is managed.

It mainly has the following departments:-

  • Receiving Area
  • Storing Area
  • Preparation Area
  • Cooking Area
  • Window ( Wait Area )
  • Dish washing Area
  • Manager’s Office and Staff Area

RECEIVING AREA :- This is normally at the back of the Restaurant. According to the order sent by the manager of steward, deliveries are dropped in this area. The steward or the manager checks the quality and quantity of ordered products and arrange the storage.

STORING AREA :- Storing area can be further divided into three categories.

  • Dry Store :- Foods that have long shelf life are stored at the room temperature with less humidity.
  • Deep Freezer :- Foods that needs to be stored frozen. And the temperature range between -17 °C to -23 °C  . Mostly frozen meat, fish and burgers are stored.
  • Easily perishable goods :- Foods that have short shelf life and mostly daily use fresh vegetables, fruits etc are stored here.

PREPARATION AREA :- This is the area designated to prepare the food before the service time. Mostly in the A La Carte Restaurants, the preparation team does the basic preparation of the food that is then used by the main cooks during the service time.

COOKING AREA :- This area mainly consists of Saute, Fry and Grill. This is in general known as a Kitchen . Cooking area is both used by the preparation team before the service time and by the main cooks during the service time. This area has further three sub stations.

  • Hot Line :- The main area where food is cooked. Stations like saute, fry and grill or Hot food holding  is situated. Hot food holding consists mainly hot soups, sauces that are served together with the hot and fresh food prepared by the main cooks during the service time. The hot holding stations temperature should be at least 75  °C during the heating of the food and in holding condition not less than 63 °C.
  • Cold Line :-  In this area cold foods like Salads are prepared. Also cold food holding is situated where cold soups or sauces are stored for the service time period. The temperature should be maintained for the whole service time period which should not exceed 4 °C . 
  • Dessert Line :- In this area dessert is prepared during service time. All the ingredients of the dessert are stored including the plates and spoons needed for serving. It might have a small freezer, normal refrigerator and hot holding for warm sauces.

WINDOW ( WAIT AREA) :- This is designated area where the food prepared by the main cooks during the service time and ready to be served is kept while maintaining the warmth of the food. Also known as window area with adequate heating facility so that the food doesn’t cool down before being served. From this area the servers pick the food and take it to the guests.

DISH WASHING AREA :- This is one of the main area of the kitchen where all the dirty plates, tools, silver wares, and cooking utensils are washed. It should have shelves to keep the washed and dried plates and other utensils. It should also have well managed large trash bin or garbage disposal to dump remains of food.

MANAGER’S OFFICE & STAFF AREA :- All the administrative work is done by the manager from this office which should be situated near by the kitchen. And the staff area should contain dining room, changing rooms and rest rooms. Apart from the dining room, the other two areas should be separated for male and female.

by Mani Raj Thebe