Colour Coding & Storing Foods.

Colour coding in the kitchen is not only widely practised around the world, it is also compulsory where food and safety regulations are strictly followed and monitored. The motive of implementing this rule is solely to prevent cross contamination while performing the task. It should be seriously followed when it comes to handling cutting boards, knives and cooking tongs. According to the local law and regulations these colour coding might sometimes vary. But in general it matches with most of the country’s regulations.

  • Black & White colour :- Pre-cooked items and ready to serve/eat food.
  • Green Colour :- Vegetables and fruits
  • Blue Colour :- Raw Sea food.
  • Red Colour :- Raw Red meat
  • Yellow Colour :- Raw chicken meat.

The Storing regulations :- Every commercial kitchen around the world has storing facility during the performance period or back up purpose. Specific rule should be followed while storing food in the coolers. This follows exactly according to the steps above in the colour coding regulation.

  • Raw chicken meat is considered the most potential for cross contamination while performing the job task or while storing . That’s why it should be stored always at the bottom. The juice of the chicken meat is very likely to contaminate other foods.
  • Above of the chicken comes the Red meat.
  • Above of the this comes the sea food.
  • Above of this comes the Green Vegetables and fruits.
  • And at the top of all comes the items that are ready to be served / eat.

food storing levels


by Mani Raj Thebe