Kitchen Safety Rules

                                    SAFETY COMES FIRST !

Safe working environment should be the highest priority in the kitchen of any restaurant. Safe place to work will result both in financial gain and better performance of the team.

                             Prevention is better than the cure 

So, here i have mentioned some points that can help maintain safe working environment in the kitchen.

  • Kitchen is not a play ground. Seriousness is always necessary while working. Running or playing around the kitchen should be strictly prohibited.
  • Cleanliness of the premise should be maintained always. Most importantly if there is any spills of oily or greasy products. It should be cleaned right away and put a clear sign that the floor is wet and slippery.
  • Glasses should not be allowed in the kitchen. As glass breaks very easily and can contaminate food products. If ever there is any doubt of physical contamination ( broken metal, glass etc) in the food, it should be examined thoroughly.
  • All the cutting tools should be stored in designated area immediately after use. They must be sharp and clean always. More sharp is the knife, more safe it is to use because sharp knives don’t slip while cutting. And never ever cover a knife with towel.
  • Hot things should always be handled with dry towel. And when ever carrying or handling hot food, the person must warn others by shouting ”HOT” so that the team be alerted.
  • If anybody smells sharp smell of gas in the kitchen, the safety valve should be shut down and all the equipment checked thoroughly.
  • Electrical appliances should be checked frequently and handled only by qualified personnel. And electrical equipment should unplugged before cleaning.



by Mani Raj Thebe