How To Fry ?

Who doesn’t love fried food ? Despite of the health warnings from the physicians every body would like to take a bite of any crispy piece of golden brown fried chicken, fish or french fries.

So, leaving aside the potential health issues,  I am going to take you to a guided lesson on how do we fry food to have the maximum result.

Warning :- Maximum precaution should be taken while frying. As the burn from the hot oil might be fatal and leave deep scars where burnt. 

First of all frying food can be done in two ways

  • Shallow Frying
  • Deep Frying


Frying pan or a skillet. Less oil mostly enough only to cover half part of the food. I have the pictures below to make you understand easily.

shallow frying frying pan shallow fryingSkimmers


Tools :-

  • Tong to turn the food.
  • Wooden, Metal or Plastic skimmers.
  • Probe thermometer to check the temperature of the food.
  • Frying pan with thick base or skillet.
  • Oil that has high smoke point ( The maximum temperature where the oil starts to take out smoke ) Canola, soya bean, sunflower, corn, vegetable oils etc.
  • Paprus plate or paper towel to absorb excess oil of the food.


  • Preheat the desired amount of oil. Since it is a shallow frying, it is not necessary that the food be totally submerged into the oil.
  • Oil temperature at least 175 degree Celsius and not more than 180 degree. Because too high temperature of the oil may burn the outer part of the food while the inner part still raw.
  • The meat or any food you are going to fry should not be wet. Because water can cause the hot oil scatter with lots of bubbles and the oil may spill over the pan. Better dry the food in room temperature or have it in a strained for some time to let the water drain.
  • Using the tong, slowly put the food to the pan. Do not throw in the food as the oil may splash and burn you or some body nearby.
  • After the bottom part of the food turns golden brown, turn it with the help of the tong. The cooking time may vary according to the type of food you are frying.
  • After all the areas turn golden brown, take the paprus plate or put the paper towel in a tray and  take the food out of the oil with the help of tong. Let the excess oil be absorbed by the paper towel.
  • Insert the probe thermometer to the centre of the food and check if it has the minimum required temperature of safe level to eat.


Note :- The temperature should be checked always at the centre

  • Chicken    = Minimum 75 °C
  • Sea Food =  Minimum 63 °C
  • Pork            = Minimum 63 °C
  • Minced meat = Minimum 72 °C


Deep frying can be done in a deep pot filled two third  with oil. Or in a pressurised deep fryer. I have some pictures below to let you understand easily.

deep pot deep frying pot Commercial deep frying fry master deep frying basket

And below are pressurised deep frying equipment for domestic use and the large ones for the restaurants.

Commercial pressurised deep frying Commercial pressurised deep frying pressurised deep frying deomestic


Note :-

The pressurised deep fryer has facility of setting up timer for each type of food. The minimum internal temperature of each type of food are same and the safety measures as well.





by Mani Raj Thebe