How To Grill ?

Although most of us know about grill and grilling, only those who are from the gastronomy industry or once have been, know about the commercial grilling method and the equipment used.

It is common to see people enjoying grilling at the backyard of the house during summer or out in the picnic spots. But these are domestic equipment and methods. Mostly portable types of grilling equipment is used for above mentioned occasions.

Here I am going to explain mostly about the commercial grilling methods. There are mainly three types of grilling commercially practised. And they are :-


This type of grilling also called traditional grilling method. And also due to the call of action in environmental pollution, its use in commercial purpose is decreasing day by day. But it is still common for domestic uses.

charcoal grill







This type of grilling is not practical in A La Carte Restaurants. It can be gas or electric grilling. Very commonly used in grill house where the meat is pre grilled. Like chicken, lamb and pork etc.

oven grilling



Oven Grill






This is the most common type in the modern world of Gastronomy. Due to its wide advantages like more Eco friendly in comparison to charcoal. Since the source of energy is supplied through pipeline, it is more hygienic an saves lots of time in comparison to charcoal types.

gas grill






griddle  Griddle

Just with the turn of a knob, the grill and griddle can be turned on. It is also easier to clean after use. And the most important part is that the temperature can be controlled while grilling. Since in A La Carte Restaurants, the guests order food according to their choice of menu, this type of grill can be of great use.

                          So, how do we grill ?

Turn on the grill and maintain the temperature between 280 degree  to 380 Celsius. Since there are more than one knob, it is easy to keep it turned in full flame or lower flame position. And this can help control the temperature of the grilling area.

Important Tools for grilling : –
  •  Probe thermometer to check the temperature of the food.
  • Long Tongs and Spatula to turn the meat.
  • Chef and Steak knives.
  • Single use kitchen roll paper to clean tools and wipe surfaces.
  • Wire brush to clean or brush off the remains of food from the grill.
  • First of all separate the area for each type of meat you are going to grill in order to avoid cross contamination of food while grilling.
  • Heat the grill to the appropriate temperature.
  • Spray bit of a oil all over the grill.
  • Place the meat direct on the heat ( High or lower) according to need.
  • After 2-3 minutes rotate the meat using tong or spatula in such a way that the grill marks form criss cross ( diamond marks) as shown in the picture below.

grilled salmon Grilled burger






Check the temperature of the meat with the help of probe thermometer.

Most commonly steak, burger, chicken, Salmon fish is grilled in this type of grill. The size of the grill may vary according to the size and frequency of the guests each Restaurants have.



by Mani Raj Thebe