I am Mani Raj Thebe. Happily married man with a beautiful wife and two children.

Living in Europe since past 17 years. Originally from Nepal.

”Cooking is my passion”

Nobody should get into cooking profession to get rich. Be ready to work long and week end shifts. Cook for thousands of people but don’t eat anything by yourself. Mostly be ready to eat unhealthy food because you don’t have time for yourself and even return home hungry because you don’t like to eat anything from your work. You would probably not like to cook in your home because your wife cooks better than you. If you can do all these things above then you have the quality to become a good cook.

Its all about loving to make mistakes and be innovative. After all no one becomes a good cook without making mistakes thousands of times.

I have deep passion for Mexican American cooking. Love to create finger licking sauces and glazes. I don’t follow specific rule in cooking. Its all about what i have in my heart for that particular task and put my best in it.

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by Mani Raj Thebe